Yvonne Krumbeck
4 West 2.21
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom

Parable of the Bear and the Wolf

Once upon a time, in a forest far far away, there lived a Bear and a Wolf. One day, when Bear and Wolf were out for hunting, they met for the first time.
"Out of the way! These are my hunting grounds!" Wolf yelled.
"No way! These are my hunting grounds!" Bear shouted back. "I must gather food to prepare my family for the long harsh winter."
"And I must gather food to feed all of my freshly newborn puppies."
Suddenly, Bear and Wolf realised - despite all their differences - they are the same at root. And so, they decided to share the forest and compete for food fairly and squarely.
"Let us be friends," Wolf suggested.
"Yes, let us be friends.".
"Promise! Till death do us part," Bear said.
"Till death do us part."

If the fate of the Bear and the Wolf would be written down in a prescribed tale, they would live happily ever after. But what if the story was told with uncertainty?

Research interest

Generally I am interested in life science and eco-evolutionary processes. For my current PhD project I investigate the evolution of sexual reproduction in an ecological context. In particular, we model the stochastic population dynamics for competing sexual and asexual genotypes. Here we employ methods from random matrix thoery to couple the focal subsystem to a larger ecosystem. The focus lies on the noise-induced selection for sex and the amplification effects of the random bulk.



Y. Krumbeck, G. W. A. Constable, T. Rogers: Fitness differences suppress the number of mating types in evolving isogamous species, R. Soc. open sci. 7:192126 (2020).


University of Bath (since Aug 2018)

PhD Research Programme in Mathematics,
Randomness in biological populations,
supervised by T. Rogers, G. W. A. Constable, B. Ashby

University of Gothenburg (2016-2018)

MSc Physics with specialisation in Complex Adaptive Systems,
Anticipation in an attraction-repulsion-based self-propelled particle model,
supervised by T. Lundh

University of M√ľnster (2011-2015)

BSc Physics,
Analysis of non-stationary stochastic processes with application to EEG data,
supervised by O. Kamps

Postgraduate Seminar Series
PSS 2019-21

General information

This seminar is organised for and by maths students that takes place every Thursday at 10:15 in Wolfson (4W 1.7). Each week a talk is given on an area of maths of interest to the speaker (not necessarily their research area). The talks are meant to be accessible for a non-specialised audience and invite maths students with any background. Moreover, the friendly and relaxed environment offers a great opportunity for students to practice their presentation skills.

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Pint of Science

I have joined the organisation team in Bath and co-manage the event around Planet Earth for the upcoming Pint of Science Festival in May 2020.

Note: This event has been postponed!

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